June 26, 2016


Leadership strategies for content marketers

Whether you're a startup, an existing business, a personal brand, or anything else, your first instinct in the channel should be to do one thing:

To lead.

You're in the digital channel now. We're all in the channel now.

And you have to lead. Your business, your brand, your content - all of it has to lead.

It’s the nature of the channel: You can’t win until you lead - heck you can't even compete until you lead.

Because to lead is to stand out, to count for something, to differentiate.   

In a very crowded marketplace, leading is the only way you will get noticed and make the next step.

Your instinct should not be to just seek out low-hanging fruit and manage the details - to manage everything and lead nothing.

You have to think bigger than that.

It’s the driver’s seat, now. Or it’s oblivion.

So, how?

Two ways:

Lead your audienceLead them where? Lead them towards the value they’re looking for.

Lead the fieldIn what sense? In your marketplace. By innovating, disrupting, changing the rules of the game, and creating more value and more strategy in your content than your competitors.

My job is to show you how to do that.

My leadership perspective on content marketing will help you think and act bigger in your content marketing.

By thinking bigger about the job, by leading your audience and leading in your space. 

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