August 30, 2016


Whether you're a startup, an existing business, a personal brand, or anything else, your first instinct in the digital channel should be to do one thing:

To lead.

 Your business, your brand, your marketing, and your content - all of it has to lead.

It’s the nature of the channel: You can’t win until you lead something there. You can’t compete until you lead something there. You won't get noticed until you lead something there.

This isn’t 2005. The interwebs are loaded with content and with brands now.

And if your instinct is to fit in or do what everyone else is doing, then think again.

So, what can you do instead?

You can find ways to lead.

Nothing happens until you lead something.

So, go out and lead the way with your marketing.

Innovate something.

Differentiate something.

Say something, stand for something, live something.

The new marketing is about:

  • Doing strategy, not just tactics.
  • Thinking bigger, not just maintaining.
  • Shaping the future, not just standing by.
  • Leading, not just tribes or audiences, but whole movements.

The point is that there are some simple yet powerful strategies that you must know and apply - leadership strategies for the channel.

Strategies that will put you ahead and allow you to dominate your space.

And chief amongst those strategies is this one: ABL. Always Be Leading.

 To know how this works, read on, explore, and don't forget to subscribe. 

Then go out and lead.