August 28, 2015

Why Content?


Why content?

Why content?

Because content is where your customers are. They’re consuming content pretty much non-stop.  Throughout their day. 

No-one wants your advertisements. But they do want content. They opt-in for content. They ask for content.

It's not like before. And content is the reason for the change.

I think we could call the post-advertising age the age of content.

That's where we find ourselves: In the age of content.

Now content is doing all that advertising could ever hope to do.

Actually, it's doing more than that. Way more. At lower costs. In more effective ways.

The fact is that content is a whole new business paradigm. It's changing almost everything that happens between us and our customers. 

It throttled the old advertising, upended the discipline formerly known as marketing, and transformed business strategy, while it was at it.

And the funny thing is, we're just at the beginning.



These changes most definitely affect you. Now, today. 

They affect your capacity to drive traffic, build lists, generate leads, and sell product.

And they do so by giving you a presence, a voice, a  kind of relevance and authority.

Because the fact is that you now have text, graphics, visuals, audio/video - you name it - at your disposal.

These new tools and platforms are sitting there, waiting for you to influence the world.

They could change everything for you and your brand: New ways to connect, get attention, define the narrative, engage with customers. That's pretty much what they were designed for. 

You can start off simply and do all this new content in-house. You can create the media, the messaging and communications, the content that you need. With a free distribution network, thrown in.

It's the equivalent of suddenly having a TV station, radio-channel, movie studio, printing press, publishing house, and a distributor.

All in one. At very little cost. With as much air-time as you need. As far as your skill and imagination can carry you. 


Look, mass media is done. Owned media is here.

And you can take control of the channel, the message, the content.

You can create your own message, manage your own audience, bring your own brand/business to life.

You can now have control over the media in ways that were impossible in the past.

And by creating your own content you get to engage with customers in ways that your competitors cannot.

It's just that you have to go to the source - the the message, the substance, the conversations you need to have with customers. To the content.



But it's at this point, of course, that so many go wrong.

I've spoken to countless brands who use content on a blog or a social media site, but who actually have no understanding of what they're doing:

  • No strategy for the content.
  • No understanding of how content actually works.
  • Not even as much as a clear definition of what we mean by content.

The results are as you would expect: Middling, at best.

And very few can see that the answer lies in an understanding of content - a content perspective.

You see, a mere presence on a social site doesn't mean you're using content for anything like its potential.

A mere presence on a platform in itself will not move audiences to think or feel or act in new ways.

A mere presence does not guarantee big outcomes or real business benefits.

Because it’s not the channels themselves that do the work.

It’s the stuff that flows through the channels that makes the difference.   

It’s the content that counts.

It's what you say that counts. That's the only part of the communication your audience cares about. And it's the only part of the message that has purpose, strategy, the human connection.

The tools are good for getting things done.

But it's the content that makes things happen.



And so it is: A proper understanding of content must be the starting point of your marketing, your messaging, your communications.

Good content is the only way to maximize and exploit the tools.

If you get it right, content helps you exploit every tool, every technology, every platform - to the max.

And it stands to reason: Content is why those tools exist. It's why they were all created in the first place. 

Content is why Google exists, why Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and all the rest exist.

And WordPress is just a content management system.

The point is that content is why the communications revolution happened.

So, content is the way to unify your messaging: You start with meaning and use the tools to let meaning make its impact.

Meaning - or substance, or content - is ultimate way to exploit the tools and get the most out of them. 

Content is the way to leverage those tools to the max to do what they were created for: For communication, substance, meaning.

For content.

If you're not seeing this then you're vastly under performing in your content, your social media efforts.



There are so many advantages that the effective content with effective tools can create.

Too many reasons to list them all here.

But know this: Content becomes the way, the mechanism, that brings buyers and sellers together. For your business. 

That’s a pretty good start, I think: You can grab the most fundamental mechanism of the free-market - bringing buyer and seller together.

You can do this now. Aggressively. Strategically. In ways that your competition is not yet seeing.

Because your customers make no purchase of any significance these days without research, without information, without content.

So, the right kind of content creates leverage for you and for your business: It helps you bring your buyer and seller together.

And influence the people on the other end of it..


But what happens if you take a pass on content?

Well, you're invisible, for a start. You don't really exist in search engine marketing or in social media.

You have no voice. You won't build brands, build audiences, or build authority in any particular field.

So, this isn't a nicety. The ability build a public following is essential these days.

Whether it's a YouTube channel or a corporate website, everyone who faces the public must develop the ability to build awareness, traffic, interest, activity.

The skill of creating that type of content is the skill to have.

Without the right kind of content, you're just not there.

You're not getting the content advantage.

Are you there?


To develop a deeper understanding of content - of the stuff you out into the channels rather than just the channels themselves - feel free to explore, sign up, post your questions.