February 14, 2016



How to think bigr about content



Plus the channel.

Plus the platforms.

Plus the obsessive, 24/7 culture of sharing that's all around us.

Put those things together and you get something radical, disruptive, astonishing: 

Your chance to shape the future.

Your chance to redesign the competitive landscape around you.

Your chance to enter new markets or upend existing ones.

Your chance to rewrite the rules, the narrative, the assumptions.

The story is being rewritten now, in content.

And you need to be there.

Except that you'd never get that impression. Not if you followed the conversation around content. Because the content marketing chatter is overwhelmingly tactical, small-ball, myopic, conformist.

And dull.

Amazing things can and do happen in the channel.

I can attest to the fact from direct experience - which I share here.

All anyone has to do is to learn to Think Bigger about content and about content marketing.

So, thinking bigger, more strategically, a bit more creatively.

About content and content marketing.

That's what we're here for.


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