November 29, 2015


content advantage

What is the content advantage?

Well, it’s about using content to power up your business.

Because content is the new advertising, the new PR, the new market research, the new messaging and communications.

But Better

Articles, blog posts, videos, visuals - you name it. Good content creates awareness, interest, desire. It generates leads, sales, repeat customers.

Except better.

It builds on traditional marketing: It soups up branding, positioning, differentiation - all of that.

But it adds a whole slew of new possibilities: Audiences, communities, “tribes”. Good content is relationship-marketing gone wild.

And visibility. Let's not forget getting seen. Content gets you into the conversation, into view. It gives you a presence, a voice, a kind of relevance and authority.

It Does All This How Exactly?

What is it that makes content so potent?

Well, it’s content - and only content - that will exploit the tools, the technologies, the platforms that we now all have access to. 

Content is the way to max out on those tools because content is why they were created in the first place.

Content is why Google exists.

Content is why WordPress exists.

Content is why Facebook exists, too.

Actually content is why all search, all social, and all content marketing exists.

Want to show up in search, in social? Want traffic, awareness, incoming links?

Try content.

When Everything Moves In Your Favor

But w haven't even mentioned the most astonishing thing of all about content. This: Get the content right and everything starts to move in your favor.

Every. Thing.

The tech, the culture, the channels, the whole dynamic of the web. Moving, not against you, but with you. 

Awareness grows. Shares start.  Traffic flows.  Followership, buzz, likes, clicks, retweets, and what have you. They all kick in.

These all kick in because you're giving the system what it wants: Great content - great ideas, great solutions, great engagement, conversation, and so on.

If the content is designed right and is seriously good - if you can develop what I call a great content act - then getting the response becomes much much easier.

That kind of mega-response, that mass movement, happened to me twice. And each time I was able to build a multi-million dollar business out of it.

And in essence I did it through the kind of content that really exploited the bigger potential.

Leverage For Your Business

In fact, the ability build a public following - to build an online brand and lead a kind of movement - is non-negotiable now. For every organization. 

This is the nature of the online challenge. Every company, every individual who faces the public must build awareness, grow traffic, and lead activity.

Your YouTube channel,  corporate website, blog, or podcast - whatever it is you do with content - it has to grab attention, build a following, grow the business, change something.

Your content, in other words, has to get people to do stuff - notice, respond, read, comment, subscribe, and so on.

So, here's the reality: In the end it’s not the channels in themselves bring this about.

The channels facilitate movement but they do not drive it.

Instead, it’s what you put into the channels that counts.

It's the content that builds brands and changes minds.

The content is the substance, the meaning, the significance. And it's only the content that influences people, moves them to act, connects in that human way.

Content is where the leverage for your business lies.

The Skill To Have Now

So much of the talk about social media misses the point: The reality is that content existed long before any of the platforms and content will be there long after they fade away.

So, if you want to get better at search engine marketing, at social media, at content marketing and a lot more, then study the stuff that makes them work - study content. Master content.

The skill of creating/managing content to make something happen is the ultimate skill to have now.

It gives you what I call the content advantage.

And you don’t want to miss the content advantage.

For more on this see my slide deck How Content Creates Massive Potential For Your Business.