June 30, 2015



people oriented person

Did you know that your people-orientation is the source of your greatest potential - of most of what you will achieve in your life?

You see, people with a natural orientation towards other people (rather than towards tasks or things) have this amazing potential.

- They have the capacity to become extraordinary communicators and brand-builders.

- They can learn to connect, motivate, and build relationships.

- They have a natural capacity for motivating, engaging, and inspiring.

In short, people-oriented people have the potential to do one truly valuable thing:

To influence the people and the world around them.

And sometimes in ways that others can only dream of.

infeunce has immense value

You can't put a price on this capacity for influence. The value goes through the roof in our culture of sharing, messaging, connecting, communicating.

We swim in an ocean of ideas, of messages, of communication, and of what's known these days as content marketing.

But most of that content is dross. It's filler content that exists for the sake of it. This content may be efficient in the sense that it's produced on-time and on-budget, with the right key words, word count, and so on.

But what's optimized for algorithms isn't usually optimized for the actual human beings on the other end of it. In the end, it has very little influence on anyone.

This is where people-oriented, human-friendly content - and human-friendly content marketing - come into it.

Human-friendly content is the kind that influences actual human beings. It's the kind that moves readers to think, or feel, or act in new ways.

It's the kind that  that launches products and builds brands.

It's the kind of that can start movements, change lives, transform total strangers.

I'm talking about the kind of connection and the kind of influence that only people-oriented people can create.

Because we can and do reach people in ways that others cannot - on a human level, an emotional level, an inspirational level. On a level that leads to responses, to action, to new thoughts and behaviors.

And that's where the influence comes from.

In a world gone mad with messaging and connecting, the  value of that gift - your gift - grows every day.

As long, that is, as you know how to use the gift.

the downside of people orientation

Look. You and I both know that there’s a problem: This great people-orientation, this natural gift, is the source, not only of your greatest gift.

It's the source also of your greatest weakness.

You’re slow to organize and get things done. Am I right?

Sometimes you just don’t get things finished. Ahem.

You're not strong with tasks.

Endless ideas, but you struggle to put them to work. And the tragic irony is that these great ideas never do what they're supposed to do - make things happen.

Tasks, processes, rules are not your strong-suits.

I’ve seen and struggled with it over the years myself.

So, how do I help?

why you should sign up

I’m not here just to push task-skills at you.

Certainly, I do have some insights in that space to share.

But that's not my focus. There’s more than enough of that content around - written by actual task-oriented individuals. (In fact, there’s a crushing bias towards task-orientation in business and in most of the social media voices on content creation.)

And so, instead I’m here to offer you something different:

I’ll show you how to soar with your strengths. Your people-oriented strengths.

That’s what I do.

First, off, that means recognizing your own particular orientation.

And second, it means putting your natural gifts to use by creating what I call human-friendly content. (And human-friendly content marketing.)

I'll show you how to create the ideas, the messaging, the content that really speak to people. That's what makes things happen because that's what causes actual human beings to do stuff. Human-friendly content is media-friendly content.

So, please sign up.

I have no bribe for you here. Just a promise to share. Because I spend my days on this question. In fact I've spent years on it. And I uncover what  think are useful, maybe even life-changing insights every week.

So, don't miss out on them.

Join me.

Let's work on this together.

And let me know how I can help.



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