December 4, 2016

Here Comes ItalianPod

Harold Jarche writes about how the traditional 'business model' of the universities is under pressure. Universities evolved in in another era and remain stacked with inefficiencies (cost, structural, learning inefficiencies). Harold posits language learning as an area where innovators are working around these inefficiencies.

Yes. There is indeed a good deal of innovation coming from private operators, using the web to build out distribution, reduce costs, and explore the possibilities of the new media. Some of the most interesting work and discussions on pedagogy is also being done on the web and this is providing tremendous energy and insight for innovators.… Read the rest

Is teaching a subversive activity?

Some teachers see their work as a subversive act. To them, perhaps, western democracy is lacking, and requires their intervention. There is also an assumption that the teacher possesses the truth - that he knows with some degree of certainty what needs to be changed in our society and why.  

This is not how I see it. The real purpose of education, I believe, centers around  the pursuit of truth. The teacher's role is to help learners find truth, not to instill a particular political view of the world, and still less to set them on a course of active subversion that the teacher chooses.  … Read the rest

Edupunks need to grow up


Am I the only one to find this Edupunk meme ridiculous? The adolescent ethos, music, etc, are matched only by the adolescent narcissism,  anger, wilful non-conformity,  sanctimony, and tirades against authority. Fine, except this is all coming from teachers!  

No seven ages of man here. These guys look intellectually and emotionally indistinguishable from their students. In keeping with that ethos comes their abhorrence for  The Man, the capitalist who is at the root of all Edupunk problems, and the guy who oppresses society, and the downtrodden. Normally, only teenagers take the time and energy to seek out with such vehemence these archetypal injustices.… Read the rest