December 17, 2017

Self-direction and the New Leadership Skills

We need a new conception of leadership and I believe self-direction describes an alternative model. So, what can the capacity for self-direction do for you?

Well, a lot. However, its main objective is not material gain (though it often follows) but rather on a form of actualization, or a culture of actualization, even. It occurred to me that three quotes from Umair Haque help convey the ethos of self-direction and of the New Leadership as I see them:

  • ‘The manager is concerned with what you can do, and how (fast) you can do it. The builder, with who you can become - and why.”
  • “They'll tell you: "Money makes the world go round". Wrong. The human world is a search for meaning.”
  • “Mediocrity thinks: "My goal is high performance". Try: "I'm going to amplify my potential, to revolutionize it.”

The New Leadership Skills are above all about people.  Leaders absolutely must become better students of human nature and human motivation than our business-schools would have us believe.

What say you, people?

Ken Carroll

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