February 22, 2018

Human Friendly Content Is The Most Influential Content You Can Create


You know the mind-blowing thing about human-friendly content? It has influence. In fact, human-friendly content is the most influential content you can create: It gets people to, actually, you know, do stuff.

Human-friendly content speaks to people on a basic, human level. It appeals to their basic needs in basic terms:  It changes how people think, feel, act.

Think about that.

I'm talking about content that allows you to influence how people think, feel, or act. Content that inspires thoughts, actions, feelings, and makes things happen.

And not just online – not just at the level of clicks and likes.

Clicks and likes are great responses in themselves. But I’m talking about changes in behaviors, habits, choices.

Lifestyle changes, even.

Serious influence.

The thing about human-friendly content is that it has influence.

Human-friendly content is the most influential kind of content you can create.

 Do You Want That Type Of Influence?

Do you want the ability to motivate those kinds of response?

I hope so.  Because you’re going to need them to build your brand or get people behind your movement. It’s all about influence because it's all about getting people to respond.

You’re going to need that kind of influence to launch your product, start your startup, or just get out of the horrendous rut you’re in. You need people - a community, an audience - to do these things.

You’re going to need that kind of influence to get into the big conversation and take your seat at the table, with the big girls.

Or to drive a message or campaign.

 Or to do any one of a million things these days.

Because the reality is that you need to motivate a lot of people to do a lot of things if you are to succeed.

Right now I can’t be sure of exactly what it is you need to achieve. But I’m pretty sure of three other things:

  • You definitely want to solve some kind of problem.
  • You’ll need to influence other people to do it.
  • Connecting with people on a human level will help sort it all out.

Why It Works This Way

Human-friendly content works the way people work.

It works the way the media works – old media and new media.

It works the way our culture of sharing works.

Human-friendly content works because... human nature.

It recognizes the actual human beings on the other end of the “publish” button.

It speaks to their true needs. Which is to say, their most basic needs.

And it does that in simple terms.

Human-friendly content helped me build to multi-million dollar companies. It can help you build yours.

Human-Friendly Content Is The Most Influential Content

If you want to influence an audience, use human-friendly content.

And do these things:

 - Recognize that human beings are seriously needy. They’re walking bundles of wants, needs, never-ending wish-fulfillments.

- Tap into those needs.

- Write about the things your audience cares about – those wants and needs.

- You won't go wrong with success needs – success in our society is our version of the survival instinct.

- Define what success means for your audience. People are always interested in success.

- Create serious amounts of the things they value. Shock them with value. Give them more than they ever expected from you, up front, no questions asked.

-Present the content from their perspective. (Not from yours.)

- Serve them like your life depends on it: Be insanely helpful. In the content you create and in the interaction that follows. Serve. Help.

- Use cognitive and emotional empathy to create the content. (Empathize with how they think as well as how they feel.)

- Use high levels of human interest in whatever you write or create. People are easily attracted to stories of other people.

- Appeal to more than a single need. People don't just want information. They want uplift, relevance,emotional impact. They want a good experience.

- Interact obsessively with the people who engage you.

- Keep it really basic. Don’t get abstract or clever or intellectual. Our most powerful want and needs are simple, visceral things.

Speaking To Basic Needs

I always find the basic bit really fascinating. As long as there has been media or content or stories, it has always been the human-friendly, the simple, most fundamental content that got shared - think blond, curly-haired children, lost in the woods, getting eaten by bears or wolves.

You have to speak to people as real human beings. And that will never change. It cannot change because that’s our nature.

Your audience acts on the basis of those needs. Your future depends on speaking to those needs.

That's how you become an influencer.

I've been studying this topic for 20 years. So, if you think you'd like to learn more about influence and human-friendly content, then feel free to subscribe.


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