January 23, 2018


Getting The Content Right.


Getting the content right

For 25 years I've used content to build brands. I’ve worked in scripting, hosting, guesting for TV, radio, writing, publishing, podcasting, and other forms of social media.

But here I separate the content out from all the rest - from the tech, the platforms, the channels, the media, the productivity issues - so that we can get to the heart of the matter: Not so much the channels as the stuff we put into the channels. The content.

The content is primary. And so, to get good at good at every form of social media you first have to get good at content.

This is why I treat content as a discipline in itself.

You see, I long ago learned the unbreakable law of media/content: Get the content wrong and none of the rest will work. No amount of technology, software, marketing, or promotion can solve the problem of inferior content.

But get the content right and everything starts to move in your favor.

I’ve been lucky enough to build a couple of multi-million dollar businesses using content. And I can tell you that the system is set up for you to succeed... if you get the content right.

The system wants great content. It aches for great content. It rewards great content. And it will reward you if you produce it.

But the opposite also holds true. You can play with social media all you like but if you're playing with inferior content, you're wasting your time. Your marketing will only ever be as good as the thing you are marketing.  

About Me

About Ken Carroll Content Marketing

Almost every aspect of my entrepreneurial life for the last 20 plus years has involved media and content. I co-founded two multi-million dollar companies that were built on content and on content marketing. Now I’m working on my third.

I’ve written courses, textbooks, sales copy, articles, press releases, and so on.

I spent ten years behind the scenes in TV and radio production. I learned the media business from the inside – through writing, scripting, and hosting numerous TV shows, and literally hundreds of radio shows and appearances.

I even reviewed screenplays for a while.

That experience brought me the chance to learn from the most successful people in media. I came to understand what makes media and content work - the secrets that drive content and engages audiences.

 As a natural writer I guess I’ve been a content creator my whole life. And this wide ranging experience has brought me to some fundamental understandings of content, of media and of what makes content successful.

So I want to bring those insights to you now.

Here I share the stuff that will help you influence your world - building the brand you represent, launching your own business, or whatever it is you're out to achieve with content.

Media Presence


  Below are some of the reviews,  interviews, and publications where I've appeared.

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