February 22, 2018

How Leadership Is Critical In Content Marketing

Leadership is critical in content marketing.

Because there simply is no content marketing without the leadership to drive it.

As content marketers, you and I must think and act from a leadership perspective if we are to impact on the world.

1. Leadership Is  Critical To Marketing On Facebook

Organic reach is down across the social media platforms. And demonstrating real leadership is the only way you’re going to counter the problem.  

First off, Facebook is getting closer to a pay-to-play platform – with every possibility that the future of all social networks will be paid.

This means that fewer people are seeing your content on Facebook – or on LinkedIn, for that matter.

Unless, that is, you boost your content with cash.

Or boost the content with quality.

Why Is Organic Reach So Low?

There are lots of reasons why we’ve come to this point of low organic reach.

Clearly, Facebook has a financial interest in keeping organic reach low – so they can convince us to shell out money to reach our connections.

Yes. But there’s more to it than that.

The need to lead

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