December 17, 2017

It’s Time to Talk About Content

   Let’s talk. It’s been a while but it’s time to talk about content. And so: I think you should build a business around your own content. Why would I say such a thing? Well, you may not have thought of it in these terms, but if you write a blog, or review a book […]

Start a Content Business

How To Start a Content Business What do you need to start a content business? Well, three things:  A problem. An audience. An income.  You see, building a business around content is kind of like a three act play: Act One: You show people how to solve a problem. Act Two: You build an audience around that solution. Act […]

Writing techniques

   Writing techniques are memes. They evolved over time as the best solutions from the best writers to the common problems of writing.  If you plan to start your own contest business, there are techniques that will help you do it better: The right choice of writing techniques makes you more productive, more persuasive, more effective in […]

The most expensive lesson in writing

I don’t remember when I first heard the expression “preparation is not production” but the failure to see the difference has been the most expensive writing mistake of my life.  It was a mistake that was chronic and mostly invisible. Even after I realized I was doing too much prep and not enough writing, I still found excuses – I actually […]

Why Stephen Fry gets it wrong on grammar

 If you’re interested in writing, this Stephen Fry video is worth 6 minutes of your time.  First of all, there’s the amazing musicality of the audio. Injecting music into your writing is a powerful writing technique – as I have argued  – and I think Fry proves the point. By the time you’ve listened through, you’ve […]

Neil Strauss’s key to writing: Assume that no one cares

In an excellent video interview (below) with Tim Ferriss, NYT best selling author, Neil Strauss offers his key to good writing. Let me paraphrase a superb writing technique: As you begin to write, assume that no-one cares.      Clueless writers assume that there’s something inherently interesting in whatever they write. But the experienced writer assumes […]

Writing Techniques #2: Distinctive writing

  We begin our second episode of Remarkable Writing Techniques with a lesson in distinctiveness from Dada artist, writer, and general fruit-bat, Kurt Schwitters. On the face of it Schwitters’ sound poem, “Ursonate”, doesn’t make sense, but  I think that it’s an excellent illustration of  the need for distinctiveness. iTunes link for podcast archive and […]

How to make your writing more distinctive

Distinctiveness is as important to your personal or corporate brand as design or presentation, yet the skill of written distinctivenss is widely ignored. Today I have a solution for you.

Vary your sentence length to make your writing more interesting

I want to show you a remarkable writing technique that connects Jack Black with Alexander the Great. It comes with an example from one of America’s finest writers – Saul Bellow. But let’s look first at a way to guarantee that your writing is dull, monotonous, and guaranteed to go unread. Here’s the easiest way how:    Make every sentence […]

Writing techniques: Episode #1

In this first podcast on remarkable writing techniques, I look at 4 things: 1. (Begins at 4:00 mins.) A simple but powerful writing technique that gets people to read and keep reading anything you write: How to create anticipation and suspense in your writing. 2. (Begins at 18:00 mins.) Why writing in recent years has become a […]